Chicken Manure

The sale of our Chicken Manure can be collected in bulk with your own transport or we can deliver to you by Tractor and Trailer or HGV. Spreading of the manure can also be organised through Robinson Agricultural Services.

Robinson Agricultural Services has been applying and using chicken litter on their own farms from Devonshire Poultry for the last 15 years and have been delivering and spreading litter from Devonshire Poultry to customers since 2008.

This provides us with a great knowledge of the product and how crops will react to it as well as potential application rates and timings.

We pride ourselves on the accurate spreading of the chicken litter and to achieve this use the latest spreaders which can spread up to 48m in width, GPS and weigh cell technology.

We feel this service in unrivalled in our operating area and gives growing crops the opportunity to maximise the available nutrients.

Robinson Agricultural Services can deliver the litter in their high speed tractors and bespoke trailers carrying up to 30m3 per load which are equipped with weigh cells and flotation tyres.

Regular analysis is done on the manure and can be used as a fertiliser or in AD Plants.