On the Farms

What we doAll of our poultry is for meat production and we are one of the largest producers in the industry.

Our chickens are reared to the highest welfare standards and of genuine British quality.

We continually monitor the health and wellbeing of our chickens and ensure that they are cared for by top class veterinary surgeons. We take an active role in arranging farm visits for our buyers and welfare organisations including the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming.

Our chickens are mainly standard chickens but we also rear some chickens under the Freedom Food accreditation.

What we doThe crop cycle begins with us taking delivery of day-old chicks from the hatchery. On arrival at our farms, the chicks are housed in sheds heated to 33C so that they have the warmth they need. Water and food is always at hand. 

Over the following weeks the chickens will eat four or five different feed rations depending on their age. During peak growth periods, on some of our farms chickens may get through as much as 30 tonnes of feed in a single day.

When they are between 33 and 49 days of age, the chickens are collected and taken to local and national processing plants. There is no on-farm slaughtering at any of our sites.

Following this, all waste from the chicken houses is removed and the sheds are fully disinfected and fumigated. It is also easier for us to complete any maintenance to the buildings or equipment during this time when the chicken houses are empty.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying bulk loads of chicken manure.

Photographs by www.rachelpalmer.co.uk