After a successful time at the Devon Farm Awards, Jacqui was determined that the awards were not just going to become decorative items collecting dust. She thought long and hard about how and where she would like to channel her energy and make a difference.

She feels strongly and passionately about education as she says ‘They are the shoppers of tomorrow. The link between farming and education is so important.’

Not only that there is not enough awareness in schools about farming as a career ‘you don’t need to be from farming stock to be a farmer’ and Robert and Jacqui are a prime example of that.

From being an educational steward last year she found herself on the Farmwise Steering Committee. Farmwise is a great and annual event when 1500+ primary school children come to Westpoint to celebrate, learn and understand the importance of Devon farming and where their food comes from. They meet the animals, learn from the hands of the farmers and associated farming businesses. 1500 children sounds like an awful lot, but in reality there are many more school children in Devon who are missing out either because there is no space left or their school can simply not get them to Westpoint.

With this in mind, Jacqui is party of a subcommittee that has an exciting plan to raise funds for an educational Farmwise trailer which will be able to visit schools and spread the word. Celebrating the small industry that does a mighty big job! This is an ongoing project which requires fundraising so watch this space!

But it isn’t just primary school children that need the knowledge of farming. Secondary school children and higher education students should be aware of opportunities within the agricultural sector. Jacqui is also in early discussions with Bicton College on ways both she and Robert can help and support.

So there are lots of exciting things in the pipeline and we will be reporting on updates as and when they happen.

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